Feedback on the new look CreditFocus

It’s been a busy week at Ormsby Street as we switched the customers of CreditFocus over to a new platform.  This switch has been a few years in the planning and comes as a result of a whole range of things, but when you’re moving so many customers we’re bound to have missed something, and we did.

The majority of feedback we’ve had has been positive for the change, but there are some much-loved features which the customers we spoke to yesterday are missing.  Things like finding companies via the A-Z list, daily summary emails, and being able to download a PDF document of a company’s profile.

We’re already on the case with some of these so we can expect some updates to the service over the coming weeks, and that’s one of the huge benefits we have in this new platform compared to the old one.

We’ve been testing features of the new platform over the past couple of years with some other customer groups and the ability to roll out new features is now a relatively smooth one, so we’ll push some new updates out soon.

As well as the updates mentioned above that will bring back some favourite features, we’ve also got some exciting new features to rollout, including our integration with cloud accounting software, which is currently in beta testing with one customer group.

Our cloud accounting integration leverages the data held within the accounting software and combines it with up-to-date financial risk data to help small businesses understand their greatest risks and prioritise action to reduce this risk and improve cash flow.

So watch this space!

In the meantime, thanks for all your patience.  We know change can be disruptive, but we know you’ll love what’s coming down the line.


One thought on “Feedback on the new look CreditFocus

  1. on the old platform, i could look at directors with addresses, this was really useful. Why is it missing from this new platform? Also, the A-Z system is real useful.

    RESPONSE: Hi Russell. Thanks for your feedback. It’s always good to hear what people love about the service. We’ve switched where the director information comes from, hence the tweak, but we’ll see what we can do about addresses. A-Z is also something else we’re looking at. For now, you can use the new filtering which allows you to simply start typing the name of the company and the list will filter to those that include what you type.

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