Don’t settle for any monkey business in your business!

The 8th February marks the start of a new Chinese year, and this year it’s the monkey’s turn to take centre stage. So we thought we’d use this opportunity to offer some tips of how NOT to stand for any monkey business when it comes to running your business – most of all when it comes to getting paid!

Year of the Monkey

CreditHQ protects small businesses like yours against late invoice payment and poor cash-flow, saving money and reducing stress. Late invoice payment places enormous strain on millions of small business in the UK and all around the world. The average invoice takes 72 days to be paid, which can lead to serious cash-flow issues, which in turn can impact a small business’ ability to grow and even survive.

In the UK 30% of SMEs spend more than £500 per month servicing debt late payment costs with small firms being owed a shocking £39 BILLION in late invoices! So what can you do to avoid late payers?

Don’t be made a monkey of this year  – sign up to CreditHQ this month and we’ll give you the first month completely free! Use the voucher code MONKEYHQ when you sign up to Standard subscription

Then follow these simple steps…

1. Search through our database of over 7million UK companies to view company information and to check their credit and payment indicator.

2. Add businesses you’re trading with or any potential customers or suppliers you may want to work with, to your Watchlist to be kept up-to-date on any changes in their financials.

3. Check out our Insights to understand the risks involved in trading with other companies. If a business isn’t going to pay you until after 80 days, make sure you’re prepared for this in advance!

Read more about the Chinese Year of the Monkey

*offer valid until 29 February 2016 – if you cancel within the first month you won’t be charged.

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