Favourite Business blog: Hao Chii – Chinese and Indian fusion popup

This week, one of our senior software developers,  Faesel Saeed, reveals his favourite small business and it’s making us rather hungry! Enjoy!…


Hao Chii is the literal translation for delicious (and their food is not far from it), in Mandarin. Fusing two of the best cuisines known to software developers, Indian and Chinese, the results are marvellous and will leave you with an extra waist size by the end of the month.

I first discovered Hao Chii by total chance; I was actually looking for a post office and happened to stumble upon their bright yellow and black bumblebee looking food van. Their style of catering is a lot like Subway’s where you get to customise your food – pot based on the options available. After one or two visits you start discovering your killer combination, and are hooked for life.

As a true start-up, Hao Chii have fully embraced technology allowing you to pre-order your food, so you can stop doing what we brits do best(!) and cut out the queue. They’ve also embraced social media and have a strong presence online.

Having gone there for the past year, I found it interesting to see them evolve their food pots after criticism that the previous ones were hard to eat out of. Especially if you’re not a chopstick man/woman! It’s great to see a place that takes feedback from its customers and quickly acts on it.

The guys at Hao Chii regularly do events in and around London, so if you see them be sure to check them out. The prices are reasonable and the service is quick, so it’s a good option for people on the go.

My Hao Chii combination:

Tangy Tango Chicken with Egg Fried Rice (which chilli sauce obviously!) and a side of spring rolls. See picture below for a succulent reference.

https://www.facebook.com/HaoChiiLondonhttps://twitter.com/haochii_london,  http://haochii.com/

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