My top 3 favourite small businesses

I like small businesses, and I think it’s important to support them – here are my current top 3 🙂

Fitness on Fire – Hot Yoga

These guys do hot yoga – I was a complete newbie to yoga last year and wanted to find a place where I didn’t have to sign up for a course, and didn’t feel intimidated by super skinny bendy Wendys. Fitness on fire do hot yoga classes for all levels, without having to sign up for a course of lessons. The teachers are amazing, each with a different style, making sure you always feel ok with where you’re at in terms of experience, and most importantly they always make it fun 🙂 The price of a class is one of the best in London, so it’s difficult to ever find an excuse not to go!

Thank you Fitness on Fire.


Too Pure Singles Club

When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it can be tricky to think of what to buy for presents. Too Pure solved one of those problems. For those retro enough to own a record player, these guys send you a new band’s album (actual vinyl) through the the post every month. They also give you the download as well, so cater for all ages! It’s a great gift for any music buff and it’s a lovely surprise to get a present through the door every month!


Birds of prey centre

Doing something different for a weekend usually makes for a fun time! I bought a voucher from Time Out for half a day ‘Falconry experience’. To be honest I didn’t expect much (particularly as it was a great price), maybe see some birds and watch a display, but I was massively surprised by how much we actually got to do. We held eagles and owls – not just one, but lots! and got to fly them!! We also saw a couple of displays by the professionals. Being that close to the birds and actually holding them was a wonderful experience, so it’s well worth a visit.

eagle-and-me same-and-me

owl-flying me-and-owl

What’s your favourite small business?

3 thoughts on “My top 3 favourite small businesses

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