My favourite small businesses

In the first in our series of ‘favourite businesses’; head of product, Rob, picks his top 5. Enjoy!

As a small business, focused on helping small business, we try to support as many small businesses as we can.  Head of Product Rob tells us about some of his favourite small businesses

Central Cafe – Old Street

Our office away from the office.  Some times you need to get out of your normal work environment to talk more freely or get a different perspective on things, and just 100 yards from the office we have the Central Cafe.  Always a friendly face, always a good cup of coffee, and with some personality on the walls rather than the identikit coffee chains.

Autorepair Medway – Strood

Everyone needs to be able to trust their mechanic, and the guys at Autorepair Medway know what their customers want.  The day Nigel told me that he’d told Ford ‘where to stick their parts at that cost’ and that we’d find a good part cheaper was the day he won me as a customer for ever.

J Merchant Heating & Plumbing, North Kent

In the middle of the renovation of a Victorian 3 storey semi, you need to have workmen you can rely on and help you through the process, as you can’t be an expert on everything.  And when it comes to the complete replacement of the heating system you need someone who you can trust, and thankfully Jamie was that man!

Artefact Cards – online

In my team, we’re forever looking at new ideas and ways to improve the products that we have, and one of the ways we do that is through the visualisation of ideas, whether they be website pages, or individual features.  We can do this through  cards from Artefact.  They’re like more permanent post-its, or mini whiteboards, where ideas can come to life and are interacted with.  And they believe in the power of ideas, which you can see in their marketing efforts.

Waldo Pancake – online

Source of Alan the Pen and Terry the Notebook, Waldo Pancake create amusing gifts and cards with a off-centre sense of humour.  It’s the simple things, and just picking up Alan the Pen and knowing he’s ‘going to be my pen until he runs out’ is guaranteed to put a smile on my face.  I’m never alone.  I’ve got Alan! 


3 thoughts on “My favourite small businesses

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