A year in – Engineering

After just over a year as Head of Engineering at Ormsby Street, I thought it time to take stock.


The past year has flown by at a rapid rate of knots and I wanted to reflect on it and look back at how things have evolved. In the past year…

  • …we’ve gone from an office with one person in it to two, to three and now to a team of eleven. There is no desk space left!
  • …we’ve gone from not having anything, to a releasing a product in 3 months. Not only that but we’re set up so that we can deploy changes several times a day (let alone a week) with confidence that we haven’t broken anything.
  • …we’ve nearly completed development on an Italian version of our product for a major bank and have also started on a US release.
  • …we’ve presented how our product can help small businesses at The Next Web Boost.
  • …we’ve been showcased as start-up of the year by The Guardian.

We’ve gone from nothing to a lot in very little time.

And what about my role?

They say that discomfort is a sign of growth and my role has certainly taken me out of my comfort zone. I’ve progressed from being an experienced hands-on developer, to heading up the Engineering side of a small business. My role at Ormsby Street not only covers guiding the team to ensure that the product gets delivered, but I also manage the flow of Engineering work, line manage people and I’m the team’s ScrumMaster (something that in itself can be a full time role).

Having a many-faceted role like this (and not really being hands-on anymore) has taken some getting used to. Sometimes a morning will go by and I’ll wonder what I’ve done…I haven’t written any code! It is still taking some getting used to that a large part of my role is actually helping others achieve. Having said that, this is a very fulfilling role, albeit in a different way.

So, how has the last year been in three words? Fast, furious and fun.

Here’s to another year of success with an amazing group of people!

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