6 things to keep in mind when getting to grips with email marketing…


Email marketing has one of the highest ROIs when it comes to online marketing practices, so it is absolutely vital you get this right when creating your marketing campaign. Here are some of the top mistakes marketers make when creating and running email marketing campaigns. Make sure you don’t fall into any of these traps.

Make sure your emails are full of content that someone actually wants to read about. If you’ve got nothing to promote that week/month and nothing that your users might find interesting; don’t send a ‘filler’ email, alternatively have a look at recent searches on Google to see what events or relevant news could tie in with your company. Don’t be ignorant about what your customers are going to find interesting, and always think ‘would I want to be reading about x or x’. Sending your customers emails that are vacuous, will just end up with emails being deleted and running the risk of people unsubscribing.

Whether you have an ‘opt in’ email that you send to your customers once they’ve signed up, or an ‘opt out’ on the email/newsletter, make sure people can actually see it. Don’t create the impression that now you’ve got them, you’re going to make it unfeasibly difficult for them to unsubscribe if they’re not interested in future products or services.  ALWAYS have either an ‘opt in’ or ‘opt out’ feature. Don’t send unsolicited emails at any point – you’ll be seen as unprofessional and run the risk of being blacklisted and most importantly, in the UK it’s a legal requirement to allow your customers to opt out or in.

This really ties in with ‘relevance’ but it’s worth noting. Don’t send emails more than once a week unless you’ve got a special promotion to push quickly or if there is some last-minute news that you feel your customers urgently need to know about.

Always test your emails before you send them to check the layout and content, and try and send two slightly different versions of the email.  You will probably notice the click through rate is significantly higher in one version than the other. Even sometimes changing the subject of the email can make a massive difference.

Make your email campaigns something that you would actually like to read yourself. You need to capture your audience’s attention immediately, and if you’ve got loud, garish designs or pop-ups to distract away from the message, you risk people deleting the email before they’ve even read what it’s about. Test every email on various devices and browsers to check that everyone or any platform will be able to receive the message you’re trying to deliver. It’s worth noting that according to TopRankBlog’s study, 64% of “decision makers’”emails are now read on mobile devices, so ensure your emails can be read on mobiles.

Try not to send the same email to everyone in your database.  Carry out surveys and see what is of interest to each customer, separate these lists and target your emails accordingly. You’ll find you get a much better response by doing this.

Whenever you’re sending out emails to your customers, think about what you would read and what you would delete. It’s not easy to create a great list of customers who are interested in your company, but it is incredibly easy to lose this list by making some of the easily avoidable mistakes seen above!

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