Data Privacy Day: 28 January

privacyday    Whether you’re hopping onto the free WiFi in a cafe, or storing your customers’ personal contact details in a database, data privacy is a crucial concept in the modern world. It can mean the difference between trusting client relationships and loss of business. This is why Data Privacy Day is an international effort to raise awareness of the risks, educate consumers and encourage businesses to be stewards of good data privacy standards.

The celebration, observed on 28th January each year, is led by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), a non-profit, public-private partnership dedicated to cybersecurity education and awareness. This cooperation between government and corporate entities allows all individuals, be they consumers or business owners, to be encouraged to work towards the standards required.

 So here are some top tips from the NCSA:

  • Data privacy is good for business, by building trust through clear communication and transparency.
  • Open and honest policies about how users’ information is collected, used and shared is key. As a business owner, consider how consumers may expect their data to be used.
  • Communicate through multiple channels about your practices, not just your website’s privacy notice.
  • Keep on top of the legal requirements for data storage and disposal. Only collect personal information if it’s needed for the purposes your business has stated or if it’s required by law, and dispose of data in a timely and secure manner.

 For more information and tips, take a look here:

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