Was 2014 a success?

How do we measure success?  In lots of different ways, so here are some ways we consider whether 2014 was a successful The end of 2014year for Ormsby Street?
Did we set up a company and is it still in business?  Absolutely.  We’ve built an entire team of people who are now part of Ormsby Street and working towards our goal of producing great products that support small businesses make informed decisions.  We’ve got systems in place to function as a unit, and approaches that allow us to navigate through all that’s put in front of us.
Did we launch a new product and has it been a success?  Again, absolutely.  The direct to market version of CreditHQ launched in October and all the KPI graphs are heading in the right direction so we’re very pleased with ourselves.  Yes, there are elements of the product we’d like to be there, but it’s easier to think up new features than it is to build them so we’ll always have this problem.
Did we get feedback from our customers which helped drive our business forwards?  Yes, both negative and positive.  It’s always great when someone tells you what you’ve produced will help them with their business, but it’s equally as important to take the criticism and convert this into improvements within what you do.  This openness to negative feedback should definitely be seen as a success, rather than something to be scared of.
Do we know where we’re going in 2015? Yes … and no, but that’s a good thing!  We’ve got an outline plan and some goals, but the route we take may well change during the course of the year and we’re setup to handle this.  So another success!
Did we manage to stay as a team, working together, and still enjoying each other’s company, even through all of the above?  Yes, we did.  We have a mechanism for feedback as individuals and as a group, with relatively short feedback loops, so things don’t tend to get out of whack for long.  And the approach of music, sweets, cake, alcohol and general friendly banter helps smooth things along.
It’s good to look back occasionally and ask yourself questions like this, and this time of year seems as good as any time, so go ahead.  Find out if 2014 was a success for you.Success


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