4 reasons why it’s great to work for a small business!


This Saturday (6 December)  is  Small Business Saturday when online and offline businesses around the UK will be using this day (or indeed, weekend) to promote their business and celebrate independent trading.

But why work for a small business? Well here are four reasons why I’m pleased to be part of a small business like Ormsby Street 🙂

1.  Greater impact in successes and more recognition: as part of a small business I can follow the life cycle of change of our product and see the benefits of those changes quickly. When working for a large software development team in the past, I would work disconnected on a small component of a large product which would go through a lengthy deployment process. In a smaller business I get regular feedback and recognition for product releases which I find rewarding.

2.  My hands aren’t tied – In a small business your hands aren’t tied to certain practices in place when you join, it is easier to try out new technologies and / or process improvements. This means the company is more agile to react to its ever changing environment and can benefit from advancements in the latest technologies. When you join a large business there are technologies and processes already in place that you need to learn and follow,  it takes more effort to get new technologies and ideas introduced.

3.  Recognising the value of your colleagues – when working in a small business you normally understand what everyone does and can the recognise the value that they bring to the company. When working within a large corporation with hundreds of staff, it can be difficult to know and appreciate what everyone does, and crucially, how what you may be working on impacts others within the business. Having this level of understanding can benefit a small business where change needs to be communicated to everyone involved. In a large organisation changes that happen in one area, can impact several other projects but that may not be discovered until later on down the line. Therefore knowing about change within a small business and appreciating how everything knits together is really valuable when planning product development.

4. Decision making – I have more of a say in decision making – working within a smaller team means that you can contribute your ideas more freely and if a change in process is required then getting the changes agreed is a lot faster than if you would be required to go up the management structure of a larger corporation.

Now for the sales-y bit…

In honour of Small Business Saturday, we’re offering £10 off CreditHQ subscriptions, so if you’d like to check out how we’ve worked together as a small team and brought out a great product which allows small businesses to check out their customers’ and suppliers’ credit and payment terms and also their own financial details, go to www.credithq.co.uk and use the promo code ‘smallbizsat’

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