Celebrate World Photo Day!


officephoto Tech team hard it at Ormsby HQ

Today marks the 175th anniversary of photography as we know it, originating from the  invention of the Daguerreotype, a photographic processes developed by Joseph Nicèphore Nièpce and Louis Daguerre in 1837.

August 19th, 1839 was chosen as the date behind World Photo Day for a couple of reasons…

  • The Daguerreotype was the first practical photographic process.
  • The purchase and release of the patent by the French government ( on August 19th, the French government purchased and released the patent as a ‘gift to the world’)

Photos are a hugely important part of modern life as a whole, but also have a huge impact on all areas of running a business. Imagine trying to advertise your product or service without some sort of visual imagery? ‘A photo speaks a thousand words’ has never been truer when it comes to marketing and advertising. The power of visual communication has rocketed since the advent of Facebook for example; in today’s hectic world, your business is likely to be competing with thousands of companies – a recent survey by ROI Research found that 44 % of respondents were more likely to engage with brands on social media if they posted pictures.

Photography is crucial for your branding on any advertising you might be doing – print adverts, online ads, consumer & trade exhibitions. Think about hiring a professional photographer for any special events you’re hosting or attending and don’t forget to share, share, share! For blogs and online imagery, you can buy stock images from various sites such as: istockphoto.com, dreamstime.com, bigstockphoto.com to name but a few. Or check out Flickr’s free images here.

Think about Instagram – there was a reason Facebook acquired it for $1billion with the network now home to over 200 MILLION users. Celebrities and normal folk alike, are snapping and sharing over 40 million photos per day and generating over 8500 likes per second – that’s a whole lot of engagement and potential free advertising for your brand.

So what are you waiting for?  Check out all of the free tools and networks you can be part of! Happy snapping!


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