Small Business Digital Marketing: Where to place content for maximum exposure

Once your website is up and running and you’re on top of your business, you may well be wondering ‘where can I post my site’s content to gain the maximum exposure?’ Don’t just rely on search engines to find your content. Here are a few ideas to set you off.

Blog: There are various sites that offer free blogs:, Tumblr, Weebly, but the mother of all blog sites HAS to be WordPress. Not only does it offer themes, gadgets, plugins for new and advanced users, but it also offers users the chance to buy a unique domain name through the site for under $20 a year.  Setting up a blog, especially via WordPress who pretty much dominate the blogging community these days, ensures your content will be read by a multitude of users, not just those who stumble across your website; and of course, search engines will link to these unique URLs and list your blog in the results pages.

Article Directories: These are full of writers who will either edit your content or this will be done by the editors of the directory itself. There are several well- known article directories including; Hub Pages, Ezine, Squidoo and ArticleBase. To get a better idea of how these work, and which you should choose, have a look at:

Social Media: Make sure you’ve got social media links on your site, including Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linkedin.  Don’t just set up these accounts and then forget about them– make sure you’re posting content frequently, with links back to your site for the full narrative or news item. Make sure you’ve got the tools in place to monitor what you’re writing, on all social media sites . There are numerous free ones about such as : Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, TweetReach and Klout, plus more detailed paid- for tools like Pulsar which is a fantastic new piece of software which can show not only the amount of tweets and re-tweets,  but gives you detailed graphs showing how and when content is seen and when it peaks. Try and post about 5 times a day on Facebook and at least one tweet per hour. A lot of people ignore Google + thinking that Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin get the best results as far as content marketing is concerned, but don’t forget Google rankings take into account people who have ‘plus one’d’ a review or post on a Google + company page, so you could be missing out by ignoring this channel.

YouTube/Vimeo: Google shows a bias towards sites who link to Google related products, so if you know what’s what, it’s a good idea to showcase your website’s content on YouTube. You don’t need a fancy video if you’re lacking a skilled film-maker, just a simple filmed presentation will increase your exposure. Don’t ignore YouTube’s tagging options, or fall into the trap that a short, concise description will do. Optimise your video’s description  – you have 5000 characters in which to do this but only the first few lines will be shown in the search results and the ‘watch now’ field, so ensure that you’re putting the main content of the video and good keywords in the first couple of sentences. If you’re just looking to use YouTube as a free tool, optimise your results by linking as much as possible to similar types of video and check out what viewers of your video are watching and push similar content to them and those channels.

Vine: Launched in 2013, this 6 second video application for phones is a fantastic marketing tool.  You can shoot any video to quickly outline your company’s message and upload it to the web or to Twitter. Unlike other videos that are tweeted, ‘Vines’ can be viewed in the Twitter browser and quickly re-tweeted. Vine has already taken the internet community by storm so get on board and start making your Vines to get the most out of your company’s marketing efforts.

Podcasts The next ‘step’ once you’ve developed an audience using social media and email marketing techniques. You can produce all the fresh content you like about your business’s new products and services, but if you don’t haven’t established an audience who are willing to give you a couple of minutes of their time, what you’re doing is essentially a waste of time so make sure you’ve got a list of committed listeners/viewers before setting to work on any audio or visual content marketing. Podomatic is the best place to upload your podcasts. Whichever channels you are using, don’t forget, the most important factor when producing new content is user engagement. If you’re just producing posts and links in order to get more Facebook likes or more followers on Twitter, you are simply building up a quick and fickle audience who will quickly forget who you are and quickly see future posts as a sales technique. Try and tell stories and get people genuinely interested in your product or company – don’t be afraid to try new techniques in order to generate interest, so that people will come back time and time again and want to see what new features or products you’re producing.

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