Extreme Team Training!

Last week, Team Ormsby Street took to the high seas (ok, The Solent) for a magical mystery tour of the Portsmouth/Southampton area, for what many of us had guessed, would be some sort of sailing day. Little did we know *quite* how energetic yacht racing would be!

Pitted against ten other boats, the day began with a quick lesson on ‘how to sail’ and when to duck (basically, keep your head down whenever the skipper starts chattering about jibing – or jiving if you’re partial to a bit of the bunny’s megamixes) and off we went.

What followed, can best be displayed by the snaps below (fortunately for Dave, none of his slightly ‘green faced’ poses seem to have been captured – or if they were, have been quickly deleted). Sadly we were pipped to the post by a team who quite blatantly cheated with their fancy spinnaker, so no glistening trophies for us….this year.

A fantastic experience and a brilliant team building day out – can’t recommend this enough! (although possibly not for those who aren’t too fond of boats. Or the sea. Or anyone wanting to eat cous cous in force 4 winds).

We were so lucky with the weather


Setting sail


This may look relaxing but it was definitely a work-out for the thighs!


 Feeling a little wobbly now…


It was a close race!


Sadly we just missed out on one of these trophies. But there’s always next year…

Photo 06-06-2014 08 53 17


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